Dog in distress. Vet closed. What to do?
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My five year old labrador dog seems to be in pain. It's nearly 11pm. The local vet clinic is closed. Ought I wait until morning or call the vets’ emergency number? Details inside.

For the past few hours Paddy has been restless, with the occasional high-pitched whine of distress as though he’s in pain. He can’t seem to get settled comfortably for long. He had a couple of bouts of diarrhoea earlier today, the latter about nine hours ago (there was no vomiting). He’s alert, and his appetite seems fine - he’s been eating and drinking normally. He appears to be moving OK: we just took a short walk around the block and, despite moving a little slower than usual, there was no limping or other obvious sign of injury. The local vet is closed: they will be open tomorrow morning. They also have a (costly) 24-hour call-out service for emergencies. Should I call it or wait?
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Best answer: When I asked this question about my cat, someone on here said something to the effect of: If you are asking this question on metafilter, it's a good sign you are concerned enough that a vet is called for.

On the other hand, my cat was not eating or drinking and was in clear distress.
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Also, it may be free for you to call the 24-hour service, describe the symptoms, and ask them their opinion on whether you can wait.
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Best answer: Full disclosure - I don't have a dog, I have cats.

But everything you've described sounds as if you could wait until the morning.

Obviously, the 24 hour call out service will still be there in 3 hours if this situation gets worse.

Hoping for the best
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Best answer: I would definitely call. I'd probably take him in too, just to rule out bloat.
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Best answer: Take him.

It may be nothing. But take him.
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Best answer: I agree - you want to rule out bloat. That can't wait.
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Best answer: Dogs are terribly stoic when it comes to pain. If your sweet boy is making sounds of pain or distress, it's not something to mess around with. I would take him to the ER vet. The question I ask myself in situations like this is, could I live with myself if I didn't take him and something terrible happened that I could have prevented?

Bias: I am a mom to a very large, lovable golden retriever and if he were doing what yours is doing, I'd take him. Bloat and blockages are very scary, often fatal possibilities in large dogs.
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Best answer: Emergency vet, always.
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Response by poster: OK - thank you all - I just called the emergency number and left a message. Hopefully the vet will call me back soon.
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Response by poster: Heading off to the vet now…
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yikes. hope he's ok.
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Response by poster: The vet didn’t think it was bloat. It may just have been discomfort from an apparently very full anal gland, now emptied. We’ll hope it was only £140 worth of anal issues, wait, & see! Thanks again for all your responses.
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Did you learn to express the gland yourself? Man, that is love.
Happy Paddy is well!
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I'm so glad. I'm sorry about the expense. I don't know how you could get around it without making sure that your boy is okay. Maybe a vet can weigh in with a red light/green light scenario, but it sounds like life or death if a person gets it wrong, even overnight.

(I'm not usually this omgomgomg about AskMes and generally kind of hate it when people are.)
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Hope you post an update tomorrow. You did the right thing.
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Response by poster: It seems now that the anal gland was a red herring, or maybe a different-coloured herring: Paddy continued to show signs of discomfort through the night, but seemed somewhat better this morning. After a second examination a short time ago, the vet was confident that a pulled back/shoulder muscle was the problem, and prescribed an NSAID and a few days’ rest.

TenaciousB—re: the gland: the vet did all the expressing. That’s a skill I hope I don’t have to master.

cecic—After this and a vaguely similar incident last year, I’m beginning to wonder if Paddy may have a bit less than the usual quota of canine stoicism when it comes to muscle pain like this…
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