Doctor, please cut my toenails!
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Looking for a podiatrist in the Washington, DC area (preferably Maryland and NW DC) who can give a male relative a pedicure in a medical setting and without embarrassment.

I'm asking for an older male relative (70+). He has diabetes and his specialist recommended a pedicure (rather than his cutting his own toenails, which can lead to ingrowth and infection). He would prefer a medical office and atmosphere rather than a cosmetic business that mainly caters to women and that focuses on nail adornment. It would be a plus if the podiatrist accepts medical insurance. At present my relative does not have any particular problems with his feet, so the procedure is preventative in nature. Locations in Montgomery County, MD and in the District (NW) are preferable to Northern Virginia.
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I have a relative who had the same situation, I'll get the name of his podiatrist who's in that area. Just want to say: you absolutely want a podiatrist for this and not a nail tech. My relative landed in the hospital with a life-threatening infection from a bad pedicure at a nail place.
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Elder care homes will tend to have visiting medical staff to do this sort of work among other foot-related things. You might try contacting a few local homes to explain your situation and ask who they use.
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Any podiatrist can perform this service; it's a bread and butter procedure for them. The best thing to do would be to check with your relative's insurance provider about which podiatrists in his area participate in his insurance plan.

A diabetic patient should receive professional foot care -- absolutely do use a podiatrist, not a nail tech or home health aide.
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In the podiatrist's office where my wife works, this is called "routine foot care." May not be covered by insurance unless there is a complication like diabetes. Cost would be for an office visit, say up to $150. Maybe less.
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I have a family member who has a private podiatry practice in NE DC-- memailing you.
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Ok, finally got the info! The good Maryland podiatrist my relative liked so much was:

Dr. Amir D. Assili
Shady Grove Podiatry
16220 Frederick Avenue, Suite 427, Gaithersburg MD, 301-948-2995
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