In the Encyclopedia, e-n-c-y-c-l-o-p-e-d-i-a !
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What to do with an outdated, mint condition (aren't they all?) encyclopedia?

I love books and can't bear to discard them, so I donate them, sell them, give them away, etc. But our 25-year-old World Book has me stumped. Who might even want it? Can anyone use them for anything? Charity book sales generally don't want encyclopedias...
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Best answer: There are a number of interesting ideas here.
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A friend of mine uses encyclopedia sets as bookshelf supports (as in, big piles of them support planks of timber). They look good.
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The local art gallery here has art drop in nights, and I've seen old encyclopedias (and maps and other such things) in the pile of stuff for use in collaging, paper craft, and the like. Maybe your local gallery or library does something similar and would want them?
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Best answer: Worst case scenario, is probably thick enough to make a great hollowed out book.
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Do you live in a populous area? Try posting in the Craigslist free section. I would be surprised if you didn't get multiple takers. Just do a "curb alert" post for the least possible effort and they should be magically spirited away.
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Book Art.
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We have been doing some book-related DIY for our upcoming wedding, and part of that involved obtaining mass quantities of good quality hardcover books, including a lot of encyclopaedias. We got them on Freecycle, so I suggest checking that out.
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Seriously? Just keep it. It will become a treasured relic of the past--a rare antique encyclopedia. I myself used to have a 1960 World Book set for this exact reason (although it sadly did not make it through my most recent move). It was like going back in time every time you opened one of the books.
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