Maine in September?
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I am going to Maine for about 4 days in a couple weeks (Sept 24th) and I have no idea what to wear in Maine in September.

Looking back, I ask a lot of these questions, which stems from having gone to Colorado in July once and freezing my southern ass off. I will at a workshop (indoors) and bopping around Portland with some other ladies. I can bum around in whatever during the day obviously as I'll be working on projects, but what shoes to bring? In late Sept in Atlanta I can still get away with sandals, I'm doubting that's true in Maine. Do I already need a hat? A longer coat?

I won't be hiking or anything like that. I may go out to a nice dinner. That's about all. Thanks in advance!
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No, you will not need a hat or a long coat. Temps have been warmer than usual in New England for the last couple of weeks (80s-90s), and even if they cool off will probably be in the more seaonable high 60s and low 70s.

It can be a little cooler in the Old Port section of Portland because you are right on the water, so a light jacket or sweatshirt would be adequate.

Any suitable walking shoe will be fine.
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It may be cool-ish in the evening. I would probably carry a fleece pullover or vest for layering.
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I have a cabin in the Adirondacks with similar weather to Maine, and it was 45 degrees at 6:00 AM this morning. During the day it was in the 60s. I would expect it to be in the 40s at night there and anywhere from in the mid 50s to mid 60s by day. Cold is relative. I would say that 45 is nice, great hiking and camping weather. My female friend from Virginia is freezing at that temp.
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As someone who grew up in Maine, and then moved to Texas, when I returned to Maine it always seemed colder than I remembered...but I had grown up there. Fall in Maine has a certain crispness to the air, a chill signalling that Winter is Coming. In late September, it could get real chilly (or it could be warm).

Although Briank is right, a light jacket or sweatshirt will probably be enough, it will also depend on your "skin thickness." I would make sure you have a light jacket to remove if you are too warm, but layers underneath just in case your Georgia acclimation makes you feel it is really too cold.

Fall in Maine is my favorite time of the year! Enjoy!
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Bring stuff you can layer with. It's been a warm fall thus far, but weather in the Northeast is unpredictable and it can always snap and get colder on you. If you're used to Atlanta temps, I'd bring a light jacket or fleece, a cardigan, and maybe a hat or fleece headband to be on the safe side.

I would also suggest closed shoes with decent traction, as Portland's Old Port has lots of uneven brick sidewalks.
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I wouldn't bring sandals unless the forecast is really warm. Probably think of very late fall in your area? I'd bring a closed shoe and socks - I find shoes/socks make a big difference to how cool temps I can tolerate. If you're going to be on the coast, it can be damp and breezy which makes things feel cooler too. I would definitely bring a sweater/fleece/sweatshirt and ideally some kind of light rain jacket/windbreaker type of layer. But keep an eye on the forecast - 50 and drizzly is going to feel a looot colder than 60 and sunny. A good silk/thin scarf (to carry in your purse) can help a lot if it's unexpectedly cooler.
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I wouldn't travel without a hat. it can be a light hat, like a ball cap or summer sun hat, but still, you really might want one in the evening when the cool breezes blow.

Plan for a big range - hot in the sun in midday, short sleeves and shorts, but layer up for cooler evenings and overnight. At a minimum I'd bring a warm sweatshirt or fleece and a couple of long-sleeve t-shirts and a couple of short sleeve t- shirts,or maybe one short sleeve and one tank. For bottoms, I'd bring 1-2 pairs shorts, a pair of capri-length outdoors or yoga-type pants, and a pair of jeans. On my feet I'd wear Keens or similar slip-ons, or sneakers without socks in a pinch, but bring a pair or two of socks.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! I tend to overpack like a crazy person so hopefully this will help! :)
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