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I'm having this kinda voyeuristic desire to read about the everyday experiences of other people's lives. I know that, tumblr, being the most popular form of blogging currently, has to have a bunch of people that just use it as a kind of public journal, but it's hard to sift through the reaction gifs and meme conversations. What are some of your favorite tumblrs that are mostly just people talking about their lives?
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One Twenty Five
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Humans of New York (yeah the link is a .com but it's a tumblr blog)
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Kara J. (Lots of performance studies / feminist media philosophy stuff, too.)
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I was coming in to recommend Fosterhood as well, and there are a lot of other foster parents who post regularly about their lives, if you're interested in that. Here's a list that may or may not be up to date.
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Nikki is a mom in the South - totally different from me and very interesting.

Brenna living in Utah and climbing mountains.

Kate a young woman working and living and competing in bodybuilding competitions.
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My Husband's Tumor is a blog by a woman chronicling her family's experience while her husband fought brain cancer. He has since passed away, and it is updated less frequently now, but it is very moving and worth reading the archives.
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This person is a grad student in Iowa who had previously lived in NYC working as a Russian translator. She is a skilled and thoughtful writer.
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