Recommend anonymous, frank, journal-like blogs.
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Can anyone recommend any brutally honest, diary/journal blogs? Ones where people talk about most aspects of their lives: emotions, friendships, relationships, sex, hobbies, politics. Ones where the posts are so private that they can only be kept secret, or shared with strangers.
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Nice Jewish Girl has basically stopped updating, but what she has written is what you're looking for, I think. She's a 34-year-old orthodox Jew. By the laws of her religion, she cannot be touched by men until she's married, and she has never been married. She wants a sexual relationship, but she struggles with the conflict with her religion.
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I really liked Barmaid Blog, chronicling the life of a Manhattan bartender. She stopped updating when she got promoted to bar manager, but there are a few years of archives that are very honest* about her life (sexuality, depression, conflicts with friends, problems at work, etc) and quite well-written.

*Some people seem convinced that the entire blog was fiction, but I personally just think that she's a really good writer.
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Are you familiar with PostSecret? It doesn't have the linear narrative of a blog, since the secrets are anonymously contributed on postcards, but some of the content has the kind of rawness you're asking for.
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Penelope Trunk has some ultra-personal posts like this, though she usually writes about more professional topics.

(Why in the world is this question anonymous?)
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collegecallgirl was pretty serious about only sharing with strangers, but doesn't update anymore. You might guess what the blog is about... I think some of the links on her blogroll are also of a private nature.
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The question was anonymous because the poster originally included their anonymously written blog as an example of what they were looking for in a secret confessional blog.
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Seconding Livejournal's thesugarmonster. In addition to the brutal honesty I find Heidi an engaging, funny, and informative writer. I secretly hope she writes a book and gets it published; I would so buy that.
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nthing thesugarmonster; I've read Heidi since her pre-LJ, pre-WLS days, and her writing is so intense and wonderful.

More about parenting, Sundry is a favorite of mine who gets brutally honest.
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Oh, and sweet|salty is good, too.
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Ramblings from an ER intern - "The transition from civilian to doctor is an ugly and painful process. Here's your front row seat to watch someone lose their humanity and themselves."
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Pandora Blake is a UK adult/BDSM model who writes about sexuality, kink and related issues under her work name. She gets pretty personal at times. NSFW unless you work in porn, obv.
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Also, 6 Year Med is a wonderful writer.
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She Never Shuts Up is a personal blog about someone working in the publishing industry that meets the brutal honesty criterion (especially when she writes about her job).
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I like Forksplit, though the updates are a bit sporadic.
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I read One D at a Time by the Jezebel writer formerly known as Slut Machine. She is pretty shameless in the things she'll write about -- off the top of my head, I remember an entry where she describes a fight with her boyfriend where she pees on his beloved guitar and accounts of multiple sexual encounters with different men, including the time a guy with a small penis wore a Magnum and it came off inside her and she thought she had a prolapsed uterus. She's candid about everything, which has the odd effect of being repellent and endearing at the same time.
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Late to the party... Violent Acres is the first thing that comes to mind for me. Don't know if this counts, though, because I'm pretty sure the writer is no longer totally anonymous, and last I heard (haven't kept up with it for a few months now) had "sold out," letting somebody else deal with design of the site and such.
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