I have the culprits! Now what?
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I ID was stolen two months ago.

I worked with an ID theft organization called AllClearID and did everything I can to minimize the damage, so far so good.

Through an odd set of circumstances I know the names and the address of the people that stole my ID. I gave this info to the police report, but everyone tells me that the truth is they have bigger issues at hand, which I totally understand.

I believe the perps (there are six of them) are pretty sophisticated, they are using a homeless shelter in DTLA as their address and phone contact.

A close friend works for a large PI firm and was able to get me plenty of information of the people that performed the theft, they all have wrap sheets.

But...it just seems so odd that I have this info and there is nothing more do do with it, or is there?

Thanks MeFites
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This seems like something the FBI would want to know, but maybe I'm thinking that based on fiction books I've read.
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I was thinking the same thing, based on earlier questions on Metafilter.
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I suggest you contact the Los Angeles County District Attorney, which has the largest task force on high tech crimes in the nation. There is also the Southern California High Tech Task Force, but I cannot seem to get contact information for them.
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Or call the LAPD Computer Crimes Unit at 213-533-4657. Explain clearly that you had a PI friend look into it, that the person had identified six named individuals who they believed were using the address of a homeless shelter in Downtown LA to victimize individuals. If you know the names of the individuals give them. I am a lawyer and I use this technique all the time to get investigations going. I call it silver plattering because I give them the investigation on a silver platter. Works a lot.
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I believe the perps (there are six of them) are pretty sophisticated

Do you have reason to believe this is an ongoing identity theft operation? Has it targeted a dozen people? Several dozen? The more people that have been affected by it, the greater chance law enforcement will care.
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Response by poster: thanks all, will do
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