Manhattan (or close by) KitchenAid mixer repair?
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My beloved stand mixer has stripped its gears, and is in need of repair... but the official repair centers are far out in Brooklyn and Queens, and closed on Sundays -- rendering them inaccessible to me.

Is there an unofficial small appliance repair place you'd recommend in Manhattan, close-in Brooklyn or Queens, or even somewhere in Westchester that I might be able to drop the machine off without losing too many hours of work?
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I did this myself. Ordered the parts from kitchen aid, grease from amazon, and watched a few you tube vids. It was actually pretty easy. A bit messy tho with all the grease.

This was after I got a quote from a Manhattan based shop that made me laugh.
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I can confirm that DIY on this is easy and fast, and is easier than carrying the machine across town.
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Reluctantly, I followed the advice above. Thanks! Not only is the mixer repaired without too much difficulty, but you've restored my freedom to recklessly make even bagel dough without worrying. Strip the gears? No problem... I can just repair it myself!
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