Pre-New Year's in Oslo?
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Should I go to Oslo at the end of December?

I'm considering hopping a cheap flight to Oslo (from Edinburgh) during the gap in my holidays - probably Dec. 26 to 29. Should I bother? Will things be open? Any hostels and activities/excursions to recommend to a solo traveler?

I'd rather not go if I'm just going to be wandering around the downtown of the city for two days, unable to get into anything. (I've visited before, very briefly, and am hoping to see more than the wandering-round-for-an-afternoon thing.) Am curious about any kind of daytrips out of the city that would expose me to more of Norway's scenery.
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At the moment, they have 6 hours of daylight. That could be rough as a tourist.
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If you're at all interested in art, I recommend the Munch museum. According to their website, they'll be open the 27th, 28th, and 29th.
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i think it'd be fine, and i bet the bars are hopping.
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isn't it super-duper expensive to buy drinks in bars in Norway?
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I would go to Vigelandspark to see the beautiful statues. Well worth an afternoon in a cold snowy park, followed by some grogg or snaps at a local watering hole.
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Best answer: I'm from Oslo, but haven't lived there for 9 years. I visit every other year though. I believe that in the period between xmas and new years, called "romjula" in Norwegian, stores and such are typically open, but often with limited hours. But if you're more into the scenery than commercial things, then you shouldn't have a problem finding transportation to places like Lillehammer. In Oslo, you may enjoy seeing Holmenkollen (including the ski jump). Try this site for more options.

And yes, Norway is very very expensive, but I'm sure you already know that.
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Also check out Hemsedal, where they offer an overnight stay in a lavvo (a sami tent) and snowmobile racing, among other things. Not sure about xmas availability, but phone numbers for booking are on the site.
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