Mystery toy from Japan - what do I do with it?
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What is this? A friend of mine got this in Japan, from one of those machines where you put in a coin and crank the knob, and out pops a little prize. He and I can't read Japanese.

The round thing is a little stack of paper, slightly smaller than an Oreo. What I can't figure out is if this thing has a secret special purpose that can only come from Japan. Pic also has the instructions that came with it.

Sorry for the sideways pic! Thanks in advance :)
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It looks like it's just a notepad. It says that if you fold over the sides of the sheet, it looks like a galette cake. Can you post a full picture of the instructions?
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Yeah the black bar text at the bottom says "ガレットメモ" which is basically "galette memo".

(Also if you're curious, the name for those machines is "gachapon" or "gashapon")
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The character on it is Gudetama, the sad-ass egg. Here's a video of the notepad! I guess folding up like that is all it does.
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Googling found it. The way gachapon works is that there are a bunch of different things you can get, and you are urged to collect them all, thus extracting an additional log(N) factor of money out of you. This set has 6 different toys all themed around Gudetama, a weird egg character by Sanrio.
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Response by poster: Welp, I guess I'll... doodle something on Gudetama, since this notepad is so small, I can't write much on it.

Thanks everyone!
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What's the note along the side? Hon seihin wa tabemono de wa gozaimasen? There is no food in this product?
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There is no food in this product?

"This product is not edible."
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"This egg is sad, but not sad enough to wish to be eaten."
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Here's an FPP about Gudetama and other anthropomorphic food characters from Japan.
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