red flag green flag system for work?
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This is so hard to google and sort of time sensitive - I read something once about starting the process of finding what you love to do, and it involved going about your work day and noting all the different tasks you do, then marking them with "green flag" or "red flag" etc., according to how much you like or hate that particular aspect of the job. There was more to it, and maybe it was a book? I'd really appreciate it if you know what this was. I might have found it on Metafilter.
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Could it possibly have been in "What color is your parachute?"? I've seen that book mentioned here several times.
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Best answer: The method is explained in Go Put Your Strengths to Work by Marcus Buckingham. It helps to identify your strengths (tasks that invigorate you) and your weaknesses (tasks that drain you).
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Best answer: Additional resource: Marcus Buckingham's Career Intervention Session (via Oprah). (Basically a video workshop version of the book)
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Response by poster: Yes! "Loved it, loathed it" was what I was thinking of. Thanks!
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