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I'm slowly moving my way back into the corporate world (ugh), and many of the companies have a no-visible-tattoos policy.

so i need to find high-necked businessy casual shirts, as i've a large chest piece that runs up to my collarbone. a regular crew neck still shows too much of the tattoo, so i need shirts that run riight up to my neck. without being a turtleneck.

do any of you have suggestions for where i might be able to find at least a couple of shirts that meet my requirements? i feel like i've looked everywhere and i'm just not finding the right thing.
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Can you use a scarf to add coverage to crew neck tops? It could become your statement element. Plus it's an easy way to make solid color shirts more versatile. Use a big pin so you don't have to worry about loosening knots creating gaps.
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You need bow blouses. Also known as pussy bows (yes really), secretary blouses, etc. (Etsy is a good resource since they're popular vintage items. Here's an example.)

Also, regular button ups all the way buttoned with a statement necklace. Button ups can be casual or formal.

Same can be done with even thin sweaters or cardigans. (Especially with a collar underneath) Here's one I've worn.

All of these options can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the environment. Also, not all places may require tattoos to be covered. (Though I feel your pain, why the hell are all shirts sheer now? right?)
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Presuming you're female from your user name

You might try wearing a men's or boy's crew neck shirt as your undershirt. Most men/boy's necklines are MUCH tighter to neck than their women's line cousins.
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I like tie-neck blouses a lot; they can be dressed up or down and lots of styles aren't too stuffy looking (some definitely are).

On preview, I see I'm on the same page as Crystalinne.
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You may want to try out a high-necked camisole or two (Amazon has some, there's some modest clothing websites that have them in more varieties, it looks like) and see if they're high-coverage enough.
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Would a polo shirt work?
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Have you tried boatneck tees or sweaters? I'm wearing this right now and it hits just above my collarbone. I think it would cover a chest piece pretty well unless the tattoo creeps up on to your neck, in which case I think you'll be stuck with scarves and mock turtlenecks.
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"Funnel neck" is a term you'll want to look for.
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Also try looking for "modest" clothing. There are a lot of religions that keep the collarbone and elbows covered and some of them have allow some style. Here is one.
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How about a button-up with a statement necklace? See some examples here.
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I used to wear a cameo every day, usually with any silk blouse buttoned all the way up, but occasionally with an Edwardian style blouse.
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Maybe high neck shells and tanks?
JCrew 1, JCrew 2
Banana Republic
Anthro 1, Anthro 2, Anthro 3, Anthro 4
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I sometimes see shirts with ruffled collars like this one, especially from places like the Gap. That wouldn't look strange buttoned all the way up to show off the collar.
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Ureshii has stuff that meets your needs. Good quality and the owners/seamstresses can work with you to make sure you get the coverage you need. Shipping to the US is surprisingly fast. It's not a $20 t-shirt, but it's not too bad.
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(You don't specify a country, so maybe shipping to US is irrelevant to you!)
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I came in to suggest the same thing as SLC Mom. I have a chest piece that reaches my collarbones, and I found luck with clothes meant for Mormon women, specifically, because their tops are made to cover temple garments. Shabby Apple is one retailer. Their stuff is surprisingly un-dowdy.
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I know you are asking for clothing but in case this helps, just to cover what's peeping out from the top of your shirt, have you considered Dermablend?
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I am literally in the same situation (chest piece up to collarbones, no visible tattoos allowed at the office). I've found great things at ModCloth, specifically, this dress which I would seriously own in every color if I had enough money to do so.

Additionally, I keep a cardigan (I also have sleeve tattoos) and light infinity scarf at my desk, which allow me to wear almost anything and not die of heat exhaustion on my way to work. Though some days I wonder if a glimpse of chest tattoo would be less noticeable than someone wearing a scarf in August, but I digress.
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