Blogs or other resources for Android security news?
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Where do you go to find the most up-to-date news on Android security issues--especially the current Stagefright problems?

In general I'm looking for any security-focused blogs, news sites, etc. where I can find reliable news about Android issues, preferably targeting a technical audience. (I'm a software developer but not a security expert.)

My specific problem at the moment is that I'm having trouble googling for any information on current Stagefright exploits in the wild. My wife received an MMS message from an unknown caller today--fortunately we had already taken the steps everyone was recommending last week for disabling the auto-download options.

Last week the news was pretty speculative, but now that apparently there might be people out there exploiting this, I'm hoping to find up-to-date news on whether those preventive measures are actually effective, whether there's any way to tell if your phone's been compromised, etc. Unfortunately Google isn't helping, I'm just swamped by non-technical news articles from last week, and I have no idea where I should be looking for better info.

In general I'm hoping to find good sources for regular reading to keep abreast of current issues. (If it makes a difference, I'm most interested in Verizon+Samsung phones as that's what my wife has.) But any Stagefright-specific news would also be appreciated. Thanks!
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Best answer: @AndroidPolice @androidcentral

These are two I follow on Twitter for more general news on Android items. Some are definitely security news and tips, but they are general sites rather than specific to security.
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Best answer: Android Police is by far the best general Android site out there, any breaking news related to Stagefright will certainly be posted there.
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