Iced Drink Ideas Needed
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The Mrs and I have been making some delicious chilled drinks at home in a 2.5 gallon dispenser - and we'd like your ideas for new and novel combinations!

What non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated chilled beverages have you made that taste great on a hot summer day? Note: We're not a fan of adding sweetener of any type, unless it's a juice.

We have fresh mint, jalapenos and basil growing out back.

Here are some of the favorites we've already made:
-Muddled mint with lime juice
-Muddled mint with grapefruit juice
-Muddled basil with jalapeno and lime juice
-Hibiscus tea with muddled mint and lime juice

Where else can we take this burgeoning obsession?
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Chop a ton of pineapple and just throw it in and let it sit for a while. A hotel lobby I was in a couple weeks ago had this and it was pretty great.
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Hibiscus limeade is one of my favorite summer beverages. All you need limes, sugar, and hibiscus tea. (Usually easier to find as hibiscus and rosehip tea.) Tastes great and the color is gorgeous.
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Oh I am an idiot and only read down as far as muddled mint. Apologies. (It's delicious, right?)
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Cucumbers and mint
Watermelon and mint
Blueberries and lemon juice
Strawberries and lemon juice
Strawberries and a splash of apple cider vinegar
Ginger and peaches
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Fresh ginger would make a nice addition and can be used in any of your permutations. A touch of vanilla in limeade can be pleasant. Thai basil has a licorice/anis flavour that is delicious in cold drinks.
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Barley Tea! It's a Japanese drink that comes in the form of roasted barley in these giant teabags. You soak the teabags in cool water for an hour or two, and you wind up with a delicious cold barley drink. It's kind of hard to describe - it's almost like a barley soup but without the salt or veggies, and in cold drink form (but way tastier than that makes it sound), or like a very malty beer without hops or alcohol flavor. It's super refreshing on a hot day!
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lavender lemonade is delicious.

so is lemongrass iced tea.
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Seconding barley tea.

Also, lemonade with basil.
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You can use rooisbos (caffeine free) to make iced tea. Example, here's a recipe for rooibos iced tea with, apple, lemon and ginger.
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2nd cucumber! Good with mint, lime, strawberry.
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The Pomegranate Lemonade from Border Grill is sooo good:

Make a gallon of lemonade.
Add 1 cup pomegranate syrup and mix
Add a big pinch of salt to taste and mix

(You can find pomegranate syrup at Middlle Eastern markets and Whole Foods.)

If you haven't tried Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger specifically you should. When my local sources stopped selling it I tried others, but none tasted the same. Try it plain. unsweetened.
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Have you tried googling infused water? I sometimes put frozen raspberries into my water to make it taste better, and to cool it down.
We also use lemon balm/balm mint (Melissa officinalis) leaves to make tea in Germany.
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Aryan, a salty yogurt drink, is very refreshing on a hot day.

do call for sugar, but they are interesting enough that I'm taking a chance.
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It may not be exactly within your parameters, but this is a great iced tea I've been making this summer from a granny recipe- it goes:

In a large pot on the stove, brew decaf black tea (I use an inexpensive mild blend)
Add half a can of frozen lemonade (I use an organic one)
Sweeten to taste if desired
Add about a capful of almond extract
Cool and drink. Refreshing!
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