Good Cincinnati area Mazda mechanics?
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We're acquiring a 18-year-old Mazda Protoge. Although it's been barely used — about 35,000 miles — for obvious reasons I'm having it checked out. Can anybody recommend a good mechanic in the Cincinnati area (preferably around Blue Ash)?
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I owned 2 Mazda's from that era - very solid cars. I don't live in Cincy, but IIRC those cars have a Ford engine, so you don't really need a Mazda specific mechanic. Any competent mechanic will do.
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Best answer: Our favorite mechanic is Donovan's in Pleasant Ridge. That's not too far from you. They've been very reliable and very honest in our dealings for the last 10+ years.
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Response by poster: We got the car checked out at Donovan's today. They fit us in even though their appointment slots were booked through next week and charged a fair price.
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