Joining a samba school for Carnaval 2016 in Rio
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The Lonely Planet Brazil guide has a single paragraph suggesting it's possible for foreigners to participate in a Sambódromo parade, but it doesn't really say how. Have any mefites actually done this? How did it work? Who did you talk to? Please help this samba newb make my fiancée's dreams come true.

My lovely wife-to-be is the director of a fantasia dance troupe in Cartagena. We're going to spend Carnaval in Rio for our honeymoon, which is a life-long dream of hers. Dancing with a samba school in the Sambódromo in basically any capacity would make her vibrate into another dimension with excitement.

The guide book is light on specifics for how to make this happen and I'm hoping to hear stories from people who have actually done this. What school did you dance with? What was the experience like? How early did you have to get to Rio?

I can read Portuguese pretty well and muddle through writing it, so I'm not afraid to contact schools directly. But I'm a bit at sea when it comes to choosing a school to contact. I'm also interested in hearing about experiences set up through travel agencies. Really, any and all particulars that can help me plan this trip will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Samba by Alma Guillermoprieto is a book about doing exactly that.
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These people claim to be able to get you onto the pista.
If you want good local classy help I can vouch for Roshni and her team
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