Vyvanse - adderal equivilent dosages?
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What is the Adderall XR equivalent of 20 mg Vyvanse? More below.

My daughter (10 yo) was switched to Vyvanse earlier this year because we got new insurance and Adderall was not covered. She got back from her summer with mom, and I discovered I was short - only had a few left. I called the doctor's office yesterday, and the "nurse would call me back" about the refill - sometimes she has to go in, sometimes I can just go pick up the prescription. Now it is Friday, I have not heard back form the doctor, my own ADD kept me from calling more than once today.
I have some of her 10 mg adderall XR left, and cannot remember if they switched her up to 20 or not before we went to vyvanse.
She takes 20 mg of Vyvanse, would the equivalent be 10 or 20 mg of the Adderall XR?
She is OK around the house, but starts a science day camp next week that is super important to her, and she really does not do well in such a situation w/o her meds.
Thanks, and I'll take my answer off the air.
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Around 7.5mg of Adderall XR is roughly (roughly!) equivalent to 20 mg Vyvanse. This isn't perfect science; see this for a general guideline for conversions.

This does not take into account her individual metabolic rate, or gastric/bladder pH and how those can impact absorption/elimination.

IANAD/IANYD, but I think she will be okay with a 10 mg. It will definitely be enough for her to feel focused and attentive at her science day camp. However, it may feel a bit more sudden for her than the Vyvanse does, since Vyvanse is designed to gradually enter and exit the system.

I think the most important thing here is to explain to her that she may feel a little bit of a shift, and to encourage her to talk with you about any differences she feels that she finds unpleasant. Did she notice (or did you notice?) any major differences in behavior, mood, or withdrawal symptoms when she switched from Adderall to Vyvanse? Has she felt different/better on Vyvanse, or mostly the same? Any qualitative differences in how she responds to the drugs - that she's shared with you, or that you've observed - are important to keep in mind and be open about during conversations.

Me: I'm an adult woman with ADHD who takes 70mg Vyvanse daily, and supplement it with Adderall IR from time to time in the evenings as needed. Prior to Vyvanse I took Adderall XR in 10mg and 20mg amounts.
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