Before this, is was "Ace of Spades"
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My iTunes car setup is such that when I start my car, iTunes starts playing my songs in alphabetical order. That means I always hear the song "Abacab" by Genesis first. While I like the song, I'm wondering what other songs out there (available through iTunes Music) might be even earlier in the alphabet that I could hear instead. Suggest them to me!

Things to note:

Apple Music puts songs beginning with a number at the end of the list.

Songs that begin with the word "A" are alphabetized by the second word ("A Day in the Life" is in with the "D"s.)
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They Might Be Giants have a song called "Aaa". Going to be hard to beat that.
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My phone does "A" by the Barenaked Ladies. I think that'll beat out the TMBG song.

(As an aside: are you on iOS 9? I am pretty sure that 8.4 didn't do this but not 100% sure. In my case I find it infuriating so I've filed a bug report and am planning on making a 5-minute empty track named "A" by the band "A" so at least I can have some time to re-queue up the damned playlist I was listening to. If you'd like a copy, MeMail me and I'll send it to you once I actually make it.)
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My partner has Barnaked Ladies "A" queued up every time we start the car.

Edit: Jinx! I owe mrg a Coke!
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mrg - I'm running 8.4. I hook my iPhone into my car's stereo system through a special cable that has some wonky issues of its own, so I don't know if updating the iOS would change it or not.
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Filed under unspoken shared irritations of modern life, my car's audio would play the same kiddie song that my son didn't want to delete off the playlist.

I discovered that by editing the song title in my iTunes library, I could choose any startup song. This probably does not work with iTunes Match.
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Yeah, I think it's the car's entertainment system and not iOS. If it hasn't been too long, say 15 minutes, since I've disconnected the phone (either by Bluetooth or cable) from my 2012 Hyundai it will save my audio location somehow, but any longer than that and I am listening to "A-Punk" by Vampire Weekend again.
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Turzi - A
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My iPod's goto track is "A" by the band "A". It genuinely does exist and it's a difficult combo to beat, although it's not their best track. It can be difficult to search for, but you'll find it on A vs. Monkey Kong or live on Exit Stage Right.
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A.K.A I-D-I-O-T by The Hives is first in my iTunes. I guess the "A." gets it put ahead of any A[letter] songs.
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Not the question that you asked, but it's possible to change that song. In iTunes choose the song you want to be the default one , control-i, and put "AAAA" in one of those "sort by" boxes. (I'm having different problems with iTunes and can't test which box it is, sorry.)

My car's in love with "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful," for reasons that escape me. Every. Time.
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Mine is A.C. Cover, Camper Van Beethoven. Nice little tune. I usually have the music on random so once A.C. starts up I can either listen through or just fast forward. I started getting bored of it after a while, deleted it, and was rewarded with the next pick, Ace of Spades, Motörhead. Good lord. That didn't last long. I'm back to A.C. Cover.
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I just came here to say that I have made the mistake of putting all of my elementary music curriculum CDs into iTunes Match. Great for syncing my home and school computers. Bad for hearing "ABC Rock" every time I start my car.
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I get Big Bird's ABC song.
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I get A by Billy Nayer Show and then A-kassleblues by Movits!, then A-Punk by Vampire Weekend (my iPod thinks - comes before A.) I'm really sick of these songs ...
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Aankh Naal, Asian Groove.
And at least in my iTunes, Äänet by Indica and A.S.A.P. by Utada Hikaru come before "abac".
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I had to remove the Vampire Weekend album due to this phenomenon, playing "A-Punk" ... almost like it was mocking me. Now it's "A Bomb In Wardour Street" by The Jam. Not too bad, I don't think.
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I had exactly that problem, and while I do indeed like À quoi ça sert l'amour very much, that bug was very quickly making me not like it any more. I solved it by creating an MP3 named "à 20 minutes of silence".
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Peaches - AA XXX

I should add that to my morning bus-commute playlist now while I'm thinking of it, actually.
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(I looked when it started play "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" just now and duh, it's "Adeste Fideles." Not that that explains how it's playing Christmas music that isn't even on the freaking phone any more.)
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My car insists on playing "ABC Cafe" (the Red and Black song) from the Les Misérables movie soundtrack. It starts with a very festive-sounding strings section!
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