Lead-gen plugins for Wordpress
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What's the best, easiest, most elegant way to hack my Wordpress site to do leadgen?

I need to be able to add lead generation features to a Wordpress site. That is, we'll have various documents that are available for download, but users have to register for an account and login to download them.

A couple of things we need to be able to do:

* Track which users downloaded which documents, and when (i.e. a system that would let users download anything they want as long as they're logged in isn't enough)
* Set a price for some documents - most will be free, but some will be "premium" and require payment.
* Tag the documents so that they can be pulled into various pages based on tags

Is there an off-the-shelf way to do this, and elegantly integrate it into an existing WP site? Free would be nice but I'd certainly be willing to pay for something that does it perfectly.
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A shop plug in would probably be your best bet. They have the tracking and registration and usually also some widget/code-snippet you can embed in posts and pages. One of the more popular ones out there is WooCommerce although I'm not sure if they can do software downloads. If not there certainly is an add on for the plug in available.
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I would think that a system such as GumRoad would be great for you.
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WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce are two of the leading free (with paid plugin extensions) tools to do this sort of thing, pretty much out of the box. There are others, but I've worked with both of those, and they're both pretty good.
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