Gifting cab rides
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Is there any way that I can gift someone a cab ride? Can I do the logistics (or not), pay for it, to let someone I care about get a ride to where they need to be? All while I don't leave my house?
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Best answer: You can request a ride for someone else using Uber and pay for it through your phone.
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Best answer: You can gift Uber credit!
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Best answer: Uber or Lyft allows this. May not apply depending on where you live.
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Best answer: Besides Uber and Lyft, some cab companies do gift certificates. You could call them and arrange one over the phone.
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Best answer: Is it something you want to do regularly? A business I used to work for had employees using cabs regularly, so we set up an account through the cab company and got vouchers in return. The passenger would give the driver the voucher and then the billing would be done on a monthly basis.
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Best answer: I've done this for clients at a previous job. In my city some companies make it easier than others; best way to find out is to call them and ask. Once you find a company and know their method, it's easy enough. Some do gift certificates in advance, some will invoice after (this is primarily for businesses), some might bill to a credit card at the time of service.
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Response by poster: "best answered" everything because they're all good answers. Contemplating next move. I really like the idea of setting up a regular account.
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Depends where you live. I live in Long Beach where the cab company is very responsive to stuff like this. P.S. Calling Uber is a lot like hitch hiking except you have to pay.
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