NYC Trip on a budget
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I'm heading to NYC for a short, 5-6 day trip starting tomorrow! I did a bit of planning myself, but I'll be on kind of a tight budget (I'm staying with a family member in Queens). Any fun things I should check out while I'm there from July 17 - 22? I love: music, food, festivals (of any kind) and especially anything comedy-related. Thanks!
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Check out the Queens Night Market. I haven't even been yet myself, and you might not even be close because Queens is a huge borough, but it looks fun.
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Check out the People's Improv Theater, Upright Citizen Brigade and Magnet - they often have inexpensive shows.

Clubfreetime and Time Out NY are also helpful.
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Yeah, I was just going to say get a copy of Time Out NY as soon as you get there and comb through the listings. You'll find a lot of free and low-cost events there. It's a great resource.
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Dog Fashion Show at Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn! With guest hosts Brooke van Poppelen and Giulia Rozzi from Comedy Central.
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Check out the nonsense nyc mailing list. A compendium of weird, interesting, and often pretty cheap events every weekend.
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if you're looking for a great outdoor beer garden experience (in queens!), the bohemian hall rocks - cheap beer, sausage on a stick, picnic tables, trees, great atmosphere day or night. as a former resident of astoria, i spent entire days there playing dominoes, cards, people watching, etc. It's a local/family place, so the people are pretty sociable. Also, it's been about a decade, but pretty much any of the all-night greek joints in astoria are worth it for a morning pastry, final nightcap, or some hair of the dog.
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Go for a walk on the High Line. I'm pretty sure it's free -- it's an elevated park that was built on a former railroad platform. I've never been but I hear it creates a nice view of the city -- almost like the city itself becomes art on display as you walk along, above it and removed from it.
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A year ago we visited and serendipitously dropped into a Bach organ recital at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and it was sublime -- awesomely peaceful and tranquil right in the middle of NYC. Mondays at 1PM.
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At night be sure to go to the lemon ice king of corona and then go watch bocce in the park all while humming "me and julio." And You are planning to go to the world's Fair site at flushing park too, yes?
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Check out The Skint for free/cheap event listings every day. Many times there are free or ~$5 comedy shows listed (mostly Sun & Mon).
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The NYC Parks Department has a list of free or cheap events in all of the city parks - you can find concerts, theater, movies, exercise classes, etc.

If you are close to the Queens Night Market it's lots of fun!
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Seconding St. John the Divine. It's stunningly beautiful and a superb place to hear music. The surrounding neighborhood is also very nice to wander around in.
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Govenor's Island is awesome! The ferry costs $2 and you can bring your own food.
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If you're planning to stop by Coney Island, there are fireworks around 9:30 PM off the Boardwalk tonight.
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I'm sorry to see that WNYC no longer has the show Around New York airing but I will still recommend that you tune in to New York's various Public Radio stations for ideas while you are here. Check out WBAI too. And, if you can tune it in from Queens: WKCR. Needless to say you can stream all of these over the internet. Also, if you're a classical music fan check out NYC's sister station WQXR.
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