Does email testing software stand a chance against today's servers?
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I have been using for several years. It still confirms the mail server. But "server doesn't allow email verification" seems to be the case pretty consistently now. I assume this is some kind of adjustment, or filtering, in the server that has become SOP? Can you recommend a worthwhile email address validator?
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Best answer: Turning off VRFY/EXPN on mail servers has been fairly standard anti-spam practice for years. The best way to verify an email address is to send a verification email to it, but your requirements may differ from the norm.
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Best answer: Seconding that this is best handled by actually sending an email that verifies the user (e.g. with a verification link, or by having the user reply to the email). Otherwise you're just guessing; generally mail server administrators care enough about their users' privacy to make it difficult to verify a user exists on their system without the user's knowledge.
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Haven't tried this one yet, but it sounds like a newer service:
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