Where do Grad Students Hang Out Online?
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Where do graduate students (especially in STEM disciplines) hang out online for the purpose of complaining about grad school and/or getting support for common grad school challenges?
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In my experience, Twitter.
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The Chronicle forums, particularly this one.
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The forums at PhD Comics used to be a big one, but they got hacked and it seems to be down indefinitely now. There's also PhinisheD (though that's maybe a bit less STEM-y overall), Grad Cafe, a ton of WordPress and other blogs (e.g. GradHacker), and, well, Ask Metafilter.

As a word of caution, though, I'd be careful about the amount of time you spend online in communities where people are doing a lot of complaining about their grad programs. Some amount of commiserating is definitely healthy, and of course having other people to problem-solve with is great; I've just noticed that beyond a certain point, it can have a sort of paradoxical effect on your motivation, where you just feel more burned-out instead of validated.
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A good fraction of the traffic on Academia Stack Exchange seems to be geared towards graduate students in general, and the students tend to skew towards STEM.
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It's not the Metafilter Chat? Because, um, I'm there a lot and I'm not the only one...

Also facebook and twitter, yes.
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Interestingly enough, Tumblr has a fairly active grad community. Search #gradblr as a starting point.
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Seconding Stack Exchange and searching on Tumblr. Twitter, too. You can probably start at the accounts of the likes above and keep digging around.
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