Truckin' to Truckee; what to do, where to eat?
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We'll be RV camping for one week in Truckee and will spend some time at Lake Tahoe with our kayaks, we're also bringing along some dual sport motorcycles (200 & 230cc's). We'll be attending a concert in Stateline one evening as well but what's fun to do with the rest of our time there in Truckee and where to go for good food when we don't feel like cooking?
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Best answer: I live in Truckee but don't go out too much since I have food allergies. Our favourite Mexican restaurant is Tacos Jalisco. Our other usual dinner place is Burger Me which is pretty expensive for burgers but good. Drunken Monkey has surprisingly good sushi for not being near an ocean.

We often kayak in Donner Lake, which is less of a drive than Tahoe. Donner Lake is also good for swimming in. Kayaking from Sand Harbor is spectacular. A lot of the best hiking is from Donner Pass: the Mount Judah Loop, the PCT heading south from Boreal to Sugar Bowl and Castle Peak are all great options. Ellis Peak near Tahoe City is one of my favourite hikes. Parking at Glacier Way in Tahoe Donner is a bit easier option. There's lots of good mountain biking around if you're into that. The Emigrant Trail and the trails around Tahoe Donner are where I usually go.

You should go to Truckee Thursday, where the close down the main street through downtown and have food trucks and and artisan market. Parking is kind of crazy. I'm not really sure what else there is to do that isn't a sport. I guess the new Emigrant Trail museum is now open but I haven't been. Downtown Truckee has some nice shops for wandering around; I like Bespoke and Riverside Art Studios.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need more details.
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North shore resident here - hopefully our surprisingly monsoonish summer so far will be back to blue skies soon!

Yelp restaurant reviews for Truckee seems pretty spot on. Drunken Monkey, Trokay, Morgan's Lobster Shack. Jax gets pretty mixed reviews. Full Deli Belly gets raves for sandwiches, Squeeze In for breakfast.

You could kill time at any number of the major ski resorts during the summer, which offer cable car rides with incredible views and mountain biking. If you are going to do any mountain biking at all, the Flume Trail is a must.

Any four-wheeling - try the Rubicon Trail.

Drive around the lake once just to take all the stunning views.

Between those options plus kayaking and beach time, your week just raced by.
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We ate two days in a row at Marty's in Truckee last fall. Great breakfast and lunch spot.
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Response by poster: HeyAllie, is the Rubicon Trail suitable for a small cc dirt bike? Mr IpsoFacto is an expert but I'm a newbie in the dirt/rocks/sand/gravel.
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Yes, I think so, at least the first major section. I've only it done it once as a newbie on an ATV. Check YouTube.
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I came here to say Tacos Jalisco and am pleased to see it was the first recommendation in the thread. I try to stop there any time I'm near Truckee. It's not gourmet (we have been known to get takeout and buy sodas at the 7-11 next door to save money) but it's damn good.
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