Poem about average likability of a couple
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I’m looking for a poem I happened upon, I think at Poetry Foundation or poets.org and I think by a male poet, that goes something like, you have to like a couple at least 75% to hang out with them and if one of the couple is 25% and the other is 95% it doesn’t average out. My pitiful search terms bring no joy at PF, Poets, or on the rest of the web.
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Is it a recent poem? Older poem? What search terms have you been using?
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Best answer: I Said Yes But I Meant No by Dean Young

Is that it?
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you!

(The page looks scanned. Maybe that's why nothing returned on my search term combinations of "couple" "like" "%" "at least" and various numbers like 25, 45, 75, 85, etc.)
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