Is it possible to copy multiple folders in the web based Google Drive?
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Hi all I want a standard set of folders for a bunch of other folders [imagine folders 1-10, all with the same name, copied into folders A-Z, all named differently. I imagine a copiable template or model structure. I cannot use the Google Drive Folder on my PC [it doesn't synch with the web]. I cannot use scripts or downloaded programs. I am not an administrator in this firm. Will Google let me do this?

Windows 7 machine. UK member.
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You can upload a folder structure to Google Drive manually, per this page. So the folder "template" can just live on your machine and you drag it into each A-Z folder manually?
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Response by poster: I was so hopeful - but when I use drag and drop, drive says the folder is empty, not uploaded.
When I try uploading the folder via it simply doesnt do anything - no error, no progress bar, nada.

I have forwarded that link to my IT guys, hopefully they will enable something.
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Response by poster: A guy at Tech Awakening says "Hello, Thanks for writing in. As of now Google does not support copy feature yet, you have to use script to get it done."

I don't think that's true, as misterbrandt's link upthread, *should* work, I just can't see why it falls over.
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Best answer: Maybe it doesn't work if the folders are totally empty? Could you try including a tiny text file perhaps?
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Best answer: Yeah, put some silly empty (or almost-empty) text file with a unique filename in each, and once the folders are created, search for that filename and move them all to trash?
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Response by poster: Thanks, KateViolet & Misterbrandt - that worked! I made a file inside every [previously empty] folder called 'sample', and google + Windows 7 now play nicely with each other again :)

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