Looking for a standing-height table appropriate for a retail setting.
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I have been looking for a standing height table that would be appropriate in a retail setting and have had no luck finding one. This may likely be due to me using incorrect search terms. It needs to be tall enough that someone can stand at it and comfortably fill out about a page (5 min) of paperwork. The "deck" needs to be of a size that approximately 2-4 people can gather round it (but not too large as it won't be used for much beyond some short paperwork. We don't want it too look too "dining-ey'. I'm picturing something along what I imagine you find in something like a cell phone store perhaps, where people stand to sign a contract. Cost is certainly a consideration, we would like to keep it below $150 a unit.
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If you're looking to repurpose something from the home furnishings market, the search term to use would be "pub table" which refers to a table typically used with tall stools. There are a bunch out there, hopefully some will work for your needs.

Beyond that, you may have better luck going to a dealer who specializes in retail fixtures -- google "retail fixture" and some should pop up in your area.
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Pub height or bar height is the term you want. Counter height is a little lower than you're looking for.

A lot of offerings are going to be dining-y, but I'm seeing plenty that are super simple that would do the job.
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Check out this simple bar table from IKEA. Decent quality, real wood, affordable.
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