Nashville, Friday night on Broadway for the less rowdy
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Travelling to Nashville this weekend for the first time. We are seeing a show in the early evening, I think it’ll be done around 9:30. We want to see live music at bar afterwards and are considering hitting the Broadway strip. Difficulty level – amongst our group are some non-drinking 60yr olds who will not be very comfortable with college kid rowdiness.

Is there a bar that is a little more toned down, or are we dealing with Bourbon Street style craziness on a Friday night? Maybe somewhere hipster or with 30+ crowd ? Is that a thing, or am I chasing a unicorn here? Bonus points if we are likely to get a table, can order food and pay a minimal cover charge to get in.
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A lot of bars on Broadway will have three levels, with different bands on each floor. It seems like the middle level is often a bit quieter for some reason- I guess people either gravitate to the roofdeck or the ground floor?

Could you also just wander over to the Gulch? Station Inn or similar places over there might be a bit more laid back, depending on who the act is that night.
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Most of Broadway is pretty rowdy these days though maybe Layla's Bluegrass Inn might be a little more laid back, same maybe for Legend's Corner next door, though it's been a while since I've been there. The Station Inn in the Gulch (next to downtown) is a famous bluegrass spot that is more for listening and is mostly table seating. Looks like there's a record release show there Friday night with a $15 cover. Their food is really low-level though, like grocery store frozen pizza.

Robert's Western World is pretty cool and has bar food and no cover, it's not so much rowdy as just real crowded and you probably can't get a table.
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Yeah, I second the Station Inn. Also Puckett's Grocery on 5th & Church is a nice place, a bit up from Broadway and has great food. I'm just not sure about the music scheduled for that night.

Barlines at the Omni might work too. They have music and pretty good food and drinks. It's new and a bit touristy but might be a good fit for your group.

Have a great visit and feel free to memail me if you have other questions!
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