To tip or not to tip - Private class dilemma
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Should I tip the teacher of a private class/party that I am hosting?

The studio where I go to play around at metalsmithing hosts private parties. Tonight I've arranged for a bunch of my friends to have a ring making party, taught by the owner of the studio.

She charges a flat rate for parties, and the "per student" price for tonight will work out to be a fair bit less than what it would cost if we signed up to take the same class in her regular rotation.

The attendees know that they will be responsible for the class price and materials, but I'm wondering if I should also throw on a 20% tip?

I've taken a number of classes at the studio before and never tipped, and I see this particular teacher often and I don't want to make things awkward. Any tip would come entirely out of my pocket (but would not be a hardship for me).

Should I tip her? Would the answer be different if she was one of the other teachers and not the owner of the place?
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I'd be pretty offended if someone tried to tip me for a class I was teaching. I'm a professional, have set a fee, and am aware of what happens to per student costs as a result of charging a flat rate.
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And no, my answer would be the same whether I was the owner of the facility or not.
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If it isn't a scenario where you'd normally tip for the service, I wouldn't tip because it happened to be a private party.
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I wouldn't tip but I might slip her a coffee cake or a bottle of wine as a thank-you.
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I would probably give her a small gift and thank her. I would not tip.
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I was hired by someone in a galaxy long ago to edit some amateur video of a punk band into a coherent retrospective program. This included many issues of sound syncing. My client as a participant in the taped material facilitated a lot of that syncing. Not saying I did not pull my weight. I spent a few hours off the clock making it work. When it was done - and he was pleased with the result, he handed me a gift card to a chain restaurant as a token of appreciation. Not to sound corny but I appreciated that gesture. A $40.00 tip would have felt, well, awkward.
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