Where can i buy a Walkman(plays cassettes) online?
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Where can i buy a walkman online or at the very least a place that does repairs? I've been looking for a sony walkman for awhile now to no avail. All the ones i've found on Ebay either don't work or the radio works but it needs new parts. I would buy one that doesn't work if i knew i could send it somewhere for repairs. So, are there any websites besides ebay/craigslist that would sell old walkmans or do repairs that you know of?
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On Amazon there's a bunch of them. New they're ridiculous ($200) but there's some reasonably priced used ones where the condition is "very good" and they say they tested it and it works and so on. e.g.
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I think the Sports ones are some of the most iconic.
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Well, this one on Ebay says it works perfectly. 7 hours left.

Etsy is another resource. Here's one.
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You can search eBay for products in new, unused condition. There are 21 listings for new-in-box cassette Sony Walkmans (Walkmen?), most still factory sealed.

Sony discontinued the cassette Walkman over 3 years ago in Japan, and before that in America, so you're not going to find new ones in any conventional retail outlets unless you're lucky. Their time is gone.
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Gimme your shipping address and you can have my Sansui FX-W31R cassette player. (No radio on it, sorry.) The battery's been in there so long it's corroded a bit, but I'll throw in the headphones and an external speaker.
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The Vermont Country Store has a non-Sony model if that helps.
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Response by poster: I actually had no idea Etsy even sold stuff like that, but i'll check there and Ebay more. Thanks!
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Does it have to be Sony? There are still generic **** made by "Craig" or "GPX" and they are sometimes in local Pharmacy's "gadgets" shelf, so they can be found online.
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Response by poster: No, doesn't have to be sony. I'll check those out and see if there's any online.
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Just search for "Portable Cassette Player" and there's a bunch of hits on Amazon.


This one even has a USB port so you can plug it into your PC where it gets recorded as MP3s

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