How can I promote my eCommerce website?
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I have a site that I have started a few months ago. It is a site where I am selling random stuff right now and seeing what works. I have had some conversion from Reddit posts that got a few thousand hits so that seems to be helping but it is not always reliable since you never know what is going to go viral. Also, I'd like to open up more channels for selling. The problem is that acquiring visitors can be expensive. Does anyone know of any reasonably priced ways to generate good targeted traffic in 2015? I am not looking for SEO as an answer. I am interested in promoting the products on this site and getting conversions. I am still working on improving the site but I already know that it can convert at a reasonably good rate so my problem now is just acquiring visitors at a reasonable price.
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A lot of e-commerce platforms have great blogs with marketing tips. Shopify, Etsy, Bigcommerce come to mind.
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Facebook ads have gotten a lot more sophisticated. But still really easy to try out for cheap.
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Facebook advertising is quite simple, you can choose to really just direct things to your website for conversions and don't necessarily need to upkeep and boost posts on the page itself, although I recommend at least posting new products, etc, especially if you start getting Likes through advertising your products.

Google advertising is more complicated, and more expensive, BUT it can bring results, especially for products that don't have as much competition. Also, because I have some Google business type accounts (adsense for making money on my websites) I've occasionally gotten postcards from Google for like $100 in advertising on Adwords. You can also do following ads that are photos (when you go away from the site, they follow you around.) Those can work well to bring people BACK who maybe left.

Twitter also has advertising options and are very easy to setup, but it depends on your product and audience but it's worth a try!

Include really good pictures and copy on all things that you can include photos on, try A/B testing too so you can see if one does better than another, then tweak it again.
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