Downtown Chicago place to take a family of five for dinner?
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I'm meeting some friends for dinner in the Loop Tuesday night and they have three kids ten and under. I need recommendations for a fun place to take them for dinner that is kid-friendly, reasonably priced, interesting, and amenable to conversation. These kids are well-traveled and more adventurous than average, so it doesn't need to be generic and boring, but there should be some hook that will draw them in. Ideas?
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Not quite loop, but Greek Islands (200 SOUTH HALSTED St., CHICAGO, IL) is probably suitable. It's reasonably priced, an easy walk from the loop and I've been there with similarly-aged kids. It's loud and informal enough that it won't be a problem. They also have free valet parking, if that matters to you.
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Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican Food at North and Clybourn. It's not the loop but it is just an L ride away. I have friends whose kids beg to go there all the time.
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I used to go to Greek Islands as a kid and I still love it. They set cheese on fire! It was one of my favorite restaurants when I was in elementary school.
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Thirding Greek Islands (ask for saganaki if you want your cheese aflame).
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This may be a hopelessly touristy suggestion, but I had a good time at Dick's Last Resort.
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In the loop - try the Italian Village ( or rosebud ( ) or piano ( it's in the art institute). There are many many others that fit your needs but I have eaten at all these and enjoy them all. I'll supplement if I can think of any others in the loop.
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FoodLife at Water Tower Place? Not exactly Loop either but has something for everyone and the kids might dig the format.
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We went to Greek Islands. Both the flaming cheese and the lentil soup got rave reviews. We got a corner table in a busy room, so it felt lively, nobody minded the kids, and we could still talk. Nice suggestion.
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