Any experiences with A-1 Pioneer or Mergenthaler in Salt Lake City?
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Moving my aging mother next month, from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. Got some moving quotes. The two best were from A-1 Pioneer (a Wheaton agent) and Mergenthaler (a United Van Lines agent). Does anyone have any experiences, good or bad, with either of these?

Of the 3 quotes we received, I examined the long-haul carriers' customer complaint histories at the DOT's website ( and found Wheaton and United Van Lines were the best of the 3 (and roughly equal, when you take account of the different fleet sizes). Preliminary web research of A-1 Pioneer and Mergenthaler hasn't provided enough data points to make a decision. So I'm hoping other people here might have helpful info.
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The one and only place for this kind of research is MovingScam.
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Response by poster: I should have mentioned: I originally did do a search of and it did not reveal any reviews of these two companies. However, I tried it again just now and now I realize that the initial search didn't search the user forums/discussions. Doing that reveals some discussions and individual comments. So I suppose those are additional data sources, but I'm still interested in what MeFites have to say.
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Best answer: Yes, to be clear, you need to scour the user forums, too. In fact, that's where much of the information is—the site is more like Yelp (user reviews), less like the Michelin Guide.

I would encourage you to truly search the forums there with a fine-tooth comb, then post your own question. I would also not limit yourself to the firms you've named. Definitely mention them, but I'd also ask for suggestions for others that operate in that region.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Just an update to close this:

We went with Mergenthaler, and they were outstanding. They packed everything incredibly well, were extremely conscientious, and everything got to the destination undamaged. By comparison, I also just moved from the East coast, where we went with other highly-rated movers, and while they were decent (and a good bunch of people to work with), they did not do as good a job packing as Mergenthaler did. I would highly recommend Mergenthaler based on these experiences.
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