Need a nice folder or binder for wedding officiant
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A friend is going to officiate our wedding. We want to give her a nice folder or binder with which to hold the ceremony script. Time constraint: We need this by Monday.

We'd like for our friend who's officiating to have a nice folder or binder with which to hold the ceremony script and our vow booklets. I can't seem to find any that's not cheap-looking or crazy expensive. Any suggestions?

* I can buy it online or in a store in San Francisco.
* I need to have it in my hands by 6pm Monday, June 1st.
* It can't be a cheap paper folder or vinyl binder. We'd like for it to look nice.
* It should hold a regular sheet of paper without folding, so 8 1/2 x 11
* It shouldn't be over $100
* Bonus: She can keep it and use for other things, like her resume, etc.

That said, if you have suggestions that completely differ from the above, I would love to consider them.

Fingers crossed that the hive mind can help! Thank you!
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You're probably going to want to look for something along the lines of a padfolio. I imagine a nice leather-looking one would be nice and not distracting to the ceremony. I found mine at staples for probably $30 although amazon is a good resource too. They're often used for resumes and job searching instead of a cheap folder.
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maybe a padfolio? amazon has many options that are cheap, nice looking, and prime shipped (if you have it, 2 days).
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jinx, crystalinne.
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Best answer: I'm a wedding officiant. I print out my ceremonies on half-sheets (with 16-18 point type) and paperclip it into pages of an actual book, usually one I've picked out that has meaning for the couple getting married. I think it looks nice to be reading from a book and not look like a banker. Here's a photo where you can kind of see how it looks in practice. Maybe not what you were looking for but an alternate suggestion. Congrats on the wedding!
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Best answer: I'd go to the stationery store in the Japantown mall. They have a lot of gorgeous paper products, some with handmade paper, and a lot of formal presentation folders, etc.
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Response by poster: That's lovely, Jessamyn! I really like this idea. Thank you!
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Best answer: I just did a (wonderful) wedding and the bridge and groom did exactly what Jessamyn suggests. The book they chose, in a wedding full of fun fantasy/sci fi references, was "The Courtship of Princess Leia." Warning: make sure the type is large enough and the cues are bolded so your officiant doesn't miss anything.
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