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We have hardwood floors and despite the use of carpets, there are now lots of scratches in areas of heavy use. We have felt pads on the legs of our stuff but the things seem to come off at every opportunity, especially on items that are moved often (dining chairs). I hate having to reapply them and I hate the stupid black felt circles that come off knocking around the floor all the time. Is there a better way? What is the absolute best pad I can buy? Most items have wooden legs but a couple are metal. Can't easily increase amount of rug converge.
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We're struggling with the same problems, and I recently came across this product: Flexi Felt. I haven't ordered any yet, so I can't vouch for them, but this is the problem they claim to solve.

For stuff that doesn't move like couches, we use these (at least, I think those are the ones. We definitely ordered from that site, but they've changed the site since).
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You want these type of nail-on pads. I have used these specific pads and am completely happy with them two years later. (Thanks for the reminder to check them for wear and probably replace a few of 'em.)
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For stuff that doesn't need to move, these are the best ever. You can trim them to fit and your stuff won't slide anymore unless you move it yourself. I actually gave them as gifts one Christmas!
For the movable things, I use Magic Sliders Grip Tips Floor Protectors from Target. They stretch to go onto the feet or leg of whatever and have smooth plastic bottoms.
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I put pads on lots of our furniture (dining chairs, tables, couches, etc.) about a year ago. I used these pads, which now have been replaced by these purportedly even-better ones. I haven't had one come loose yet.

I also found that good prep helps. You want to use a single pad that covers the tip of the leg almost completely but doesn't stick out at all. Scrape off as much of the old adhesive as you can, then use sandpaper to remove any tenacious little bits and get a nice clean surface. Wipe off the sanding dust with a slightly damp paper towel, peel the backing off the pad, and stick it down without moving or repositioning, then press hard for 30 seconds or so. I know this sounds kind of finicky, but it only takes a couple of minutes for each leg and it really does help the new pads stick down. If you have one little edge that doesn't stick properly well it'll peel from there and come right off.
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Adhesive anything is useless for chairs and other furniture you move often. I put screw-on glides on our chairs and they're great. Contrary to what the name implies, they have a fair amount of grip. Dirt cheap, won't leave skid marks, available everywhere, and will probably outlast your furniture.
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Second the screw on plastic guides. I used the type that have a screw on bezel and an adhesive button. They've been working great for about 5 years. I hated the felt pads that we used to use because they collects dog hair and I had to get down to de-furr the chairs all the time.
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We have had good results from buying no-name heavy adhesive felt discs - but I ripped off the adhesive, lightly sanded the bottoms of the chair legs, and used a small amount of plain yellow wood glue to affix the feet. They sat for a day with heavy books upon them until the glue set.
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