Suggesting Subtleties in Shinjuku
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Help me find an english speaking guide to Tokyo who is not part of guide company and who will lead me into the warrens and twisted streets off the main drags.

I was in Tokyo 15 years ago. We had the good fortune of meeting someone on the street who spoke fluent English and actually had the time to take us around Tokyo for 4 days. I don't expect that to happen again this time and would like to find a good guide. I will be doing a photoshoot of some hipster neighborhoods in Tokyo and though I will have phone/internet/maps, nothing can replace a good guide. Prefer young/student type.
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A couple of suggestions:
There's a craigslist for Tokyo, you might find someone that way. I might change "lead me into the warrens and twisted streets off the main drags" to simply show me the Shinjuku the locals know, not just what tourists see" if it were me. Maybe the best thing in the area IS on the main drag, but tourists never notice.

I've had success finding, how will we say this, short-term friendships? which are not necessarily romantic or sexual by changing my location on OKCupid and describing what I'm looking for (and not looking for) in the profile text. The Tokyo area has a lot of people just looking to see some new faces and do something different once in a while. Showing a visiting photographer around might interest someone.
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There's Tokyo Free Guide which you can just sort of contact people and ask them for help. If that's too organized, you can always ask over on Japan-Guide.
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