What can I do with this old floral comforter?
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Soft and comfy, but too ratty (has a large rip) IMO to donate to a shelter. I don't know how to sew, myself. Putting it in the trash/landfill seems like overkill and a waste of resources. Except for the rip, it's very serviceable. I am in the continual process of divesting my possessions (minimalist lifestyle), and don't want to keep it myself. (I have a relative that gives me a new blanket every time she sees me -- but that's another story!)
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Donate it to an animal shelter.
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Yep, animal shelter is the best home for any old bedding.
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They're always looking for new bedding in serviceable condition. Once they're too stained or torn, they just throw them out, but they get great use in the meantime. Highly recommended!
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Response by poster: You see why AskMetaFilter works so well? As a non-pet-owner, this would have never crossed my mind. Brilliant.
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Pet shelters always need towels too.
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Came to say the same, but also that you can always post things like this to your local Buy Nothing or Freecycle groups, and many communities often have free/trade Facebook pages. Some resources if your purge continues!
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Or you can use this piece to learn to sew and mend - the aesthetics won't matter on it, so next time you have something well loved you'll be able to enjoy it longer. It's honestly no harder than threading a needle.
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There's a huge billboard in my neighborhood saying that Goodwill wants donations of all fabrics, even the ratty ones. If it can get second life at a pet shelter, that's great, but if it can't than it still might be worth donating.
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I found out, via googling for a similar question, that textile recycling is a real thing, and that the only drop-off locations anywhere near where I work or live are the local Goodwill stores.
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