So, we're having a baby
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It's too early to share with parents, friends, and colleagues, but just the right time to open up to a bunch of internet strangers. Mrs. BJW and I are 9 weeks pregnant. (YAY!!) I would like to ask the hive for help finding 2 things: First, a website that I saw referenced here but can no longer find. Second, the current best "What to Expect" book out there.

The website was a lighthearted, illustrated list of what's going on during each week of pregnancy for both baby and mom. Something along the lines of "Week 2: Nugget is the size of a split pea. You don't even know you're pregnant, but, wow! you're sure getting tired quickly these days." Might have been part of a more extensive Mommy site, but the list was the only thing I looked at. The first time I looked at it, it was from following a link from AskMe, but it's now hiding.

Second, what's the most excellent, calming, informative, non-preachy "What to Expect" type of book out there these days?

Thank you!
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Best answer: Zero to Forty! I read that calendar a billion skrillion times during my pregnancy.

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As for books, I had the Sears' Pregnancy Book and found it informative, comprehensive, and non-preachy. I don't always agree with the Sears' parenting advice, but the pregnancy book is fine.

Expecting Better is a good counterpoint to all the "omg you ate a frozen yogurt your baby is in DANGER" paranoia you'll find. It's not a complete pregnancy guide, but it's worth a read if you start feeling overwhelmed by all the pregnancy scaremongering.
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It sounds like the tone of the "What to Expect" app... but similar to the Baby Center stuff (which really annoys me because they advised you only eat 2-300 extra calories a day and ONLY in the 3rd trimester- what a bunch of bollocks!) I bought The Panic Free Pregnancy after seeing it advised on Ask... but my personal BIG TIME favorite is the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Lovine... its the BEST! Congratulations!
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Hey, congratulations! I found the AlphaMom pregnancy calendar through AskMe, I'm pretty sure, and loved it. ("Week 9: Is about the size of a grape, or perhaps a cocktail olive, the kind that’s marinated in vermouth and stuffed with blue cheese.")

I read a ton of books and but basically discarded anything scare-mongery within a few pages. Seconding the Sears pregnancy book and adding the Mayo Clinic book, which describes the medical stuff pretty well.
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It's not a "what-to-expect," but the hospital gave us a copy of Your Baby's First Year, which we found very helpful and non-scary.
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T. Berry Brazelton, The First Two Years, broken down in months. This book is a great roadmap for curing worries and simple info. Under the name Brazelton, you should find the accurate book name.

Don't buy any baby clothes for under nine months in size.
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I prefer non-cutesy books. These were my three:

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
The Big Book of Birth
Heading Home with Your Newborn
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Response by poster: Zero to Forty was it. Thanks! Keep the book rec's coming!
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Seconding Expecting Better. It was a tremendous help in not getting completely overwhelmed by the internet (or advice in general).
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BabyCenter does awesome weekly emails that walk you through the whole process.
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I like Expecting Better, The Panic-Free Pregnancy, and and for the week-by-week stuff. I also like the Mumsnet Pregnancy discussion site, although a lot of the information there will be UK-specific.
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Our youngest child is 13 so my memories of pregnancy books are a but hazy, but as I recall Your Pregnancy Week By Week was chock full of "It's week 16! You should worry about this, this and this!", while What to Expect While You're Expecting was more "It's week 16! You may experience this, that and the other. The first two are totally normal and nothing to worry about, and the other might or might not indicate a problem so you should probably mention it to your OBGYN."
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Baby 411 is useful while pregnant and VERY useful once the baby arrives.
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This book is the BIBLE for first time parents, written by the American Academy Of Pediatrics, so you know it's going to be serious, informative and well-researched. First published decades ago, now in its 5th edition. I get a copy for each of my breeder friends :)

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, 5th Edition: Birth to Age 5

I mean, read just the first couple reviews. GET THIS BOOK PLEASE.
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I came in to recommend Zero to Forty, too. I've been reading it since about week 16 and loving it. Almost 26 weeks along here. Congratulations and good luck with everything!

I've been going through the pretty standard ones (What to Expect, Your Pregnancy Week by Week, etc), but also gave this book to my husband as a bit of a joke since he's a techie, and it's actually quite a bit more detailed and informative than I expected it to be.

Personally, one of my favorites was From the Hips, which was a completely random find at a used book store.
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Though I think I should add, From the Hips isn't necessarily calming, but does fit the informative, non-preachy elements well.
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When my wife was pregnant with our first, I read and appreciated The Birth Partner. Calm, clear, non-preachy.

You didn't ask, but a great blog for new parents is The Science of Mom. It is great, and the author also wrote a book, due out in July, also called The Science of Mom.
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Baby Bargains was an extremely helpful book -- it's about what you need to buy, what you don't need to buy, etc., with product/company reviews as well.
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Yes to Alpha Mom, yes to Expecting Better, also, if you like science-based stuff then check out Evidence Based Birth, interesting blog on the subject. It will become more relevant as the pregnancy progresses.
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The Kid by Dan Savage and Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions are two of my favorites. Both are less (or not at all) about being pregnant and more about becoming a patent.
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On a humorous note: Let's Panic About Babies!
To be re-read for #2, if such is in the cards. Even better then.
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I loved the AlphaMom calendar linked above, and would also recommend Lucie's List when you start thinking about all the gear you need (or don't need!) to buy. My favorite books were Your Pregnancy Week by Week - I had an older hand me down version and I loved it because it was weekly whereas most of the other books are monthly - and the Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy because it was straightforward and not cutesy like some of the others.
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Nthing the Mayo Clinic guide. No nonsense, not panic-inducing as so many of my friends have warned me that the What to Expect series is.
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Multimedia suggestions:
the Babycenter app
One Bad Mother, a podcast
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