Creative wedding word play - Show me what you've got!
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I'm an uncreative person. I'm seeking some of your imaginative love related word play for two wedding items.

1 - We're not having a guest book per se.
My fiancé LOVES Jenga, so we're going to have people sign Jenga blocks and deposit them in a decorative urn.
I'd like to create a sign to go on the table with a phrase along the lines of "Building Memories - please sign a Jenga Block" etc.

Except, I'm massively un-creative with words and I'd like something more ingenious than that if possible.

2 - I'm making chutneys and spice rubs as Wedding Favours. So I'm also looking for a short message to put on the jars that encompasses "Spice" and "Love".... or something like that. This sounds easier than it is.

So I turn to you guys for your unparalleled creativity with words and phrases! Please help!
Anything goes, I love puns - but I'm bad at them.
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What letter will your last name(s) start with?
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Your building memories wording sounds fine - if you want people to leave a message for the couple on the block you might say something like, "building memories - leave a message for our marital jenga set"

"Keeping Things Spicy" Spice Rub?
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Response by poster: What letter will your last name(s) start with?

My new Last Name will start with a D.
Current last name starts with a P
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Best answer: "Spread the Love" Chutney?
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Hmm, for the Jenga you could go with "building a strong foundation" instead of memories.

For the favors, I might make a general brand label, like "D[avidson] Delicacies" and then the individual flavor names.
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Love is the spice of life
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