What are your favorite pie-iron recipes?
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What is there beyond white bread 'n' pie filling? Or white bread 'n' Nutella, or white bread 'n' cheddar... Please help me take my pie-iron cooking to the next level.

Various members of the Corpse family are Paleo, vegetarian, picky, lactose-intolerant, can't eat aged cheese, and / or don't get along well with wheat, so if your recipe suits one of those groups that's especially good. (I'm in the "happy to eat anything while camping" category, myself.)
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Response by poster: To be clear: I don't expect any one recipe to suit all those dietary groups.
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Not for the lactose-intolerant in the group but we always plan for fresh mozzarella / sun-dried tomatoes / pesto on (in this case, your choice of) bread.
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pie filling and cream cheese
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Tube of refrigerated crescent roll dough portioned out for crust. Then your fillings are endless. I personally stuff mine with pudding or apple slices.
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Baked beans and parmesan cheese. Peanut butter and Thai sweet chilli sauce. Banana, dried coconut and peanut butter.
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Put whatever you want on the outside, but you have not lived until you've had a pasta sauce toastie. You can use jarred tomato sauce, but you may want to cook in some extra tomato paste and/or cook it down pretty thick.

Butternut squash, roasted and mashed with one or more of the following:
-Crispy fried sage
-Parmesan cheese
-Drizzle maple syrup
-Ground beef or pork
-Pan-fried mushrooms
-Goat cheese

(One of the above combos, and using pie crust or crescent dough for your bread? Party-grade snacks.)

Spanikopita filling, with or without mushrooms, with goat cheese or feta.

I'm a fan of tortillas for a crust, but I have seen egg roll wrappers used (you'll need a little egg wash on the inside to get them to stick/seal) and hope to try it one day.

You don't actually need a crust, either - just about anything that's recently been hit by the waffle iron craze can be done in a sandwich-maker. Dressing/stuffing. French toast (or any bread pudding - let soak overnight). Cookie dough. Mashed potatoes with a gravy center. Mashed sweet potatoes with a pecan streusel center and/or coating, or mashed sweet potatoes with a goat cheese filling.

Leftover lasagna.
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Oh, and (canned or otherwise) biscuit dough, rolled out to size, is also a nice crust.
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As an Aussie, I'm not sure 100% what you mean by pie, but if it's a sandwich toastie thing (jaffle) and it's the one that does not cut the bread in half, then you can crack and egg in there. Ham cheese and egg? Also, tuna or chicken mornay works in both pastry pies or toasties.
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Seconding an egg, or baked beans. Or both together.

I also like a mixture of grated apple, cottage cheese or ricotta, and onion, myself.
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I am sad no one has recommended pizza-ish fillings. Or is that too obvious? So many good variations there.

Gluten-free family members will have a harder time, but I imagine some combo of refried beans/salsa/cheese/etc. in a corn tortilla might work. I guess adaptability is key.

But definitely think of things that aren't sandwich bread for the base (as well as things that aren't bread at all).

It may or may not help, but my pals at Spacebar have a good grilled cheese menu and that may give you some ideas. (Also check the add-ins for good flavor combos.)
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It's very similar to a jaffle. I used to have one in Australian elementary school with a filling of crushed pineapple that I remember being delicious.

Corn tortillas for GF folks-then filled with anything you'd put in a quesadilla!
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These are all fancied up a notch and all use puff pastry instead of bread. If you like sweet, sheets of puff pastry cut to fit, and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar and insert apple pie filling. Basically makes an apple pie, or you could use mixed berries or other fruit. Serve with cream. If you're feeling french, insert nutella and banana as a filling to the puff pastry instead. If savoury is more your thing, pretty much any standard savoury pie filling will do. Lamb and gravy topped with cheese, chicken and broccoli in a cheesy white sauce mix (omit chicken for vegos and just make it broccoli) or make a taco version with taco mince/beans. Mm mm getting hungry.
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I just ate a delicious pie that was Nutella mixed with mascarpone on an animal cracker crust. Seems really easy.
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Tinned spaghetti and cheese.
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I put slices of pepperoni or bacon on the outside. They toast into your bread, all crispy. Do it.
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Me and a friend were just talking about our shared love for cream cheese and pepperoni together.
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oh my.
thinly sliced tart apple and cheddar cheese.
leftover samosa filling
left over curry (not too wet)
baked beans with thinly sliced onion
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This is pretty much a "cover your head while you eat so the gods don't see your shame" kind of suggestion, but a pie iron sandwich made of grated summer sausage and cottage cheese on lightly buttered bread goes down a treat. Bonus points if some of the grated summer sausage ends up all brown and crisp on the outside of the bread.
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The same old white bread and cheddar, but spread mustard on the bread first and sprinkle worcester sauce in there. Welsh Rarebit toasted sandwich!

If you ever visit Sheffield you have to pick up some Henderson's Relish to use instead of the worcester sauce. Much better, and also vegetarian.

Also you may try Brie and mushrooms, or brie and cranberry sauce, or spread pesto on there and put courgettes (cook some of the water out first) and sundried tomatoes in.
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Try creamed corn & bacon.
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Also: Ham, cheese & pineapple.
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