Disconnecting my laptop from browser history at work
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Hi everybody. I'm not very computer literate, so please bear with me as I'm counting on your indulgence. For whatever reason, using Google Chrome as my default browser on my personal laptop (MacBook Pro, by the off-chance it matters) has resulted in a situation wherein my personal searches wind up on my "History" when I use Google Chrome at work (different computer). I most certainly never chose that. While I have nothing to hide per se, I don't appreciate this breach of privacy, and haven't been able to figure out how to undo that. If I have to simply stop using Google Chrome I'll do so, but is there another way? Thanks in advance.
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Log out of Google Chrome on your work computer or use just Incognito windows there.

To log out, you go the the settings and make sure it says "Sign In" instead of "Signed in as DavidfromBA."
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It sounds like both browsers are signed in to your google+ or gmail account. If you look at the top right, it should have your gmail address displayed.

Think of it as like logging into the same email address on your personal computer and at work, but for web browsing data (including history) instead of just correspondence. That history is there because you're signed into an account in both places.

Go to Chrome > Preferences and select "disconnect account." I would do it for the work computer, since that's the one that I wouldn't want my personal browsing data on.
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Paste chrome://setting into the address bar & click "disconnect your Google Account". Then go to https://www.google.com/settings/chrome/sync and click "reset sync".
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I suggest to great a new user account that you use for work only:

System Preferences > Users & Groups
Unlock the preference pane (padlock in the lower left corner)
Select the "+" button and create a new "user profile"
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Follow the instructions above to de-link your personal google from your work computer.

Once it's been scrubbed, definitely use incognito mode only at work and close your browser session every night when you leave.
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Using incognito mode at work by default is going to be a huge inconvenience (no website will remember you, you won't have browser history). Just use incognito mode at work when logging in to your personal Gmail account.
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I disagree that you should log out of your Google account. I find it to be very useful to have my bookmarks, extensions, and passwords synced across my devices.

You can choose what things you would like to sync, however, and uncheck history:

In the address bar, type: chrome://settings/syncSetup (you can also get to this page by clicking 'Advanced sync settings' under Settings->Sign In)

Uncheck what you don't want to sync. Then delete the history one last time from your work computer and you should be good. Done!
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