Birkenstock Repair?
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I have some old Birkenstocks where the leather is in good condition (it could use a light cleaning), but the soles and cork need to be replaced. Does anyone have recommendations for Birkenstock repair shops that I can mail my shoes to that do good work at a fair price?

Unfortunately, there are no local places in any reasonable drive from me, or that would be my first choice.
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Birkenstock USA suggest you use their locator tool to find an authorized repair shop that you can mail to.

I can't attest to the "fair price" part of the equasion.
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I used the tool to look up a repair shops in Houston and the prices I was quoted were about 80% the cost of a brand new pair of Birks. Unless you have some special limited edition pair I'd suggest just buying a new pair of shoes. I found my new pair on sale too, so win/win.
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I got four pairs of Birks recrafted at this Cincinnati outfit: . I've never been there, but the Yelp reviews were good, so I took a chance.

Everything but the straps on each pair was replaced. It was definitely worth the money and I plan to send my Birks back in to get recrafted once these soles and footbeds wear out in a few years.

They charge $60.00 for resoling and recorking - that's a lot cheaper than buying a new pair of Birks, unless you find them on sale somewhere.
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I had a pair re-crafted (everything replaced but the leather) about 12 years ago because the style was no longer made. It was a local shop, but I know they sent them out somewhere to have it done. It cost me $80 then. It looks like they were probably sent to that place in Cincinnati... I was very happy with the results.

The style I currently prefer is still being made, so I'm less likely to have it done because they can usually be found for about the same price on sale.
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