Tonight on Frontline: A Bedtime Story Just For You
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Putting on Frontline and listening to Will Lyman narrate is my favorite way to fall asleep. But, seeing as how the show is not intended to lull me to sleep, there are sometimes parts where Will Lyman has to stop speaking and noises or a non-mellifluous person cut in. Clearly I need something more suitable.

Has Will Lyman narrated any audiobooks I can buy? Podcasts? Are you his agent? How much for a bedside gig?

Other perfect narrator suggestions are accepted.
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I used to fall asleep to the voice of Bill Curtis. It didn't matter that he was narrating one of those true crime forensic shows. I put audiobooks on when I'm going to sleep, and the right narrator definitely seems to make the difference. I seem to get sleepier to people with even-paced British accents, fwiw.
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Best answer: is showing a single response for Will Lyman, but it looks like he's only one of many narrators.
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Most nights, we fall asleep to Create TV, the PBS lifestyle spinoff channel. With the exception of the host of Pati's Mexican Table, who can wake me from a deep sleep faster than the emergency broadcast test signal, it's very soothing. We also look for overnight marathons of How It's Made, or Bordain, or Bizarre Foods or, surprisingly, Top Gear - they get shouty sometimes but I guess their voices are in a low enough resister that it's not disruptive.
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Have you tried Nova, Nature, or American Experience? All can be streamed from and have similar "authoritative science narrator!" voice tracks. I've also had good luck with YouTube commentator Scott Manley, who does "Let's Plays" of a game called Kerbal Space Program with lots of science and engineering discussion thrown in. Interesting content, but I can still use it to zone out and get sleep.
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I really liked James Marsters' narration of the Harry Dresden books.
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Best answer: You may want to check out the podcast Sleep with Me, which is designed for this purpose.
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BBC radio is perfect for sleep.
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Morgan Freeman's space show:
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Bob Ross app?
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When I worked shifts, and had to get to bed early on a Saturday night, anything with Garrison Keillor would always put me under. You can get a podcast of the News from Lake Wobegon segment of his show.

I used to listen to Radio 4 Extra for this purpose, until I woke up in the middle of the night to an episode of The Cabaret of Dr Caligari and couldn't get back to sleep...
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