Atlanta MeFites: Contractor recommendations required!
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I know the green isn't necessarily awesome at local stuff like this, but i've posted elsewhere and thought it couldn't hurt. The lovely pourtant and I are about to purchase a home in Grant Park that needs some renovations. After dealing with dudebro inspectors, we've both had enough of the "women, theyre secretly in control and a handful, amirite??" awfulness and are hoping to find some women-owned businesses to give our money to instead.

We are in need of someone to put down some hardwood floors (from salvage if possible), make some repairs to a rotted out deck area and some other relatively minor fixes, as well as redo a bathroom down the line. Angieslist is a nightmare of shot-in-the-dark stuff, and there doesn't actually seem to be any way to find what i'm looking for.

If anyone has any recommendations for awesome (or at least non-awful Red State folk) in my area, please share.
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I have absolutely no experience with this but I've seen ads for on home improvement TV shows... Good luck in your search!
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I'm in another part of Georgia. Here's an organization that might give you some leads: National Association of Women in Construction, Atlanta chapter. And here's a list of "green" builders, people more likely than others to want to deal with recycled/reclaimed wood. Here are a bunch of women building Habitat for Humanity houses in Atlanta.
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Response by poster: Mareli: NAWIC doesn't actually appear to have a public-facing list of members. So frustrating!
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I'm in Decatur and I have used Retrofix ( Not lady owned but super nice competent dude who has always treated me respectfully.
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Slightly leftfield approach but you might get somewhere reaching out to the Atlanta Rollergirls. I've known several derby girls who've done home renovation work and they might have one or two among their number, or be able to point you in the right direction.

(I did some googling and couldn't find anyone specifically affiliated, but I did find this company who has 5* reviews on Yelp)
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We had a very good experience with Atlanta Decking and Fence. They are not women-owned, but everyone I worked with was intelligent, professional, and had no problem putting up a deck for two gay guys. They also talked us out of several upgrades that would have made them more money because we didn't need them and/or they would add long term maintenance issues.

I've asked a friend who lives in Little 5 his recs as well - he just redid his floors.
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