Replacements for Hipster International playlist on Spotify?
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What are some good replacements for the Hipster International playlist on Spotify, which seems to have stopped updating?

So I really liked the Hipster International playlist on Spotify. The name was silly and I know nobody is supposed to like Sean Parker (Social Network, trees, SV bros, etc.), but the playlist was actually really good. Here is what I liked about it:

1. Lots of songs updated pretty frequently.
2. Good amount of newer stuff I have never heard before. No really old stuff. No "classic" stuff.
3. Mostly up-tempo/rock/EDM. Good for exercise. Not a lot of slow or singer-songwriter or weepy stuff.
4. Some non-US artists, some foreign language stuff.
5. Pretty eclectic, somewhat random.

As far as I can tell, Sean Parker stopped updating the HI playlist in late 2013. So, what's your go-to for stuff like this?
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Response by poster: I guess I should add: great balance of new rock/alt/electronic music without delving too much into top-40 or teen pop.
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The Pulse of Music on WITR (the Rochester Institute of Technology student radio station) is where I get my hipster music fix, with the caveat that there are some DJs who will play slower, acoustic stuff.
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In my experience its become something of a turntable needle in the musical haystack to find lists of this ilk in Spotify. That said, I've had some success with Drowned in Sound and their 'DiS Does Singles: Best of 2015' playlist. Its regularly updated and some music of interest - and they are UK based.
Finding all upbeat though? Without subscribing to exercise specific playlists (which will almost definitely be populated with the mind numbing, soundbite ridden, easy to access, drivel that you want to avoid) I think you'll have to make do with a mix of up and downbeat.

Let us know if you have any luck.
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You might like the Broodnodig, Onbeperkt Houdbaar, and To Do List playlists from Spotify Netherlands. To Do List in particular is pretty upbeat throughout.
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Maybe one of the Needle playlists would work? (kind of a self link, I work with Glenn) They are automated, not made by hand.
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Response by poster: So I came up with a kludge that is actually working pretty well.

The Spotify Windows app allows you to create a "folder" that can contain more than one playlist. You can shuffle-play all of the songs in the folder, so it mixes the playlists together.

I have added the dormant Hipster International to the playlist along with three other "new music"-type lists that are updating:

"Newish Hot Shit"

Topsify "Brand New"

And "Dis Does Singles: Best of 2015"

The result is 3/4 old Hipster International vibe (because that list is so big) cut with about 1/4 newer stuff.

For unknown reasons, it does not appear that the web or mobile versions of Spotify allow users to create folders, so this was a hidden feature for me.

Will check out the other playlists mentioned here and may add them to the folder too. Thanks for the suggestions.
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