Win7 Computer can't see other Win7 comp on 4 computer network?
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Doing phone support (no physical access) Windows 7 network... 4 computers... Let's call them Laptop, Front, Data1, Data2. The original call was for a computer (Front) that couldn't see the local network or the internet. After playing around with it, having them replug wifi adapter, loading the "Netgear Genie" software and doing ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew, I got it so that the computer could see the internet and 3 out of 4 computers on the local network/workgroup.

Every computer is able to see the internet, and 3/4 computers can see every other computer on the network. But the 1 computer (Front) cannot see Data 1.

Laptop, Data1 and Data2 can each see all 4 computers on the workgroup/local network (including Front).

However, Front is only able to see Laptop and Data2.

For some reason Data1 is not visible from Front, even though it can see Front and can be seen by every other computer except Front. Front is also visible to every other computer.

I made sure that all systems are on the "Work" network (previously, Data1 was listed as "Public" (the one with the bench icon in Network and Sharing Center)). I thought switching it to the "Work" network would fix it, but it still cannot be seen by Front.

What am I missing here? Any tips would be great. I made sure that all the file and print sharing is on (and, in fact, this setup used to work just fine until today when they started having problems)
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Best answer: Since they're all running Windows 7... put them all in a homegroup. This will usually solve things. I know it seems weird but I do this for small businesses without a server all the time, and things just work better.
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