It's another project management software question.
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I work for a (currently) very small research center, and we need to manage the rotating herd of undergrad and grad research assistants, which means we need project management software. We're looking for some snowflakes and unicorns...

Requirements, roughly in order:

- Gantt chart capable, either natively or with a third party app (the boss loves Gantt charts)
- Mobile friendly (both ios and android) - this is a must have, since we're doing a lot of field work
- Web interface
- Needs to support 10 to 15 collaborators
- Need to be able to assign tasks to more than one person and have them both update progress
- Free or as cheap as possible (we've got some seed money from our university and the boss is writing grants as fast as possible, but well. A one time fee would be preferable to a monthly fee)
- As easy to use as possible - some of us are super tech friendly, and some of us can barely use our email accounts.
- Time sheet tracking (this is not a have to have, but it would be nice. We can do this with a spreadsheet, but...)

We're a Google shop, so something that talks to Google calendar at the least would be awesome, even if it's just a feed that will push events to our personal calendars.

I've been through previous questions, and right now, I think Asana or Trello are our top choices, but I'd love other recommendations.

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Asana + Instagantt ( + CalendarSync (
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My company has started using Tom's Planner for Gantt creation recently. I can't speak to all your requirements, but it's Ganttastic for the chart bit.
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I absolutely love Trello ( and highly recommend it. I use the free version to manage tasks for a ~15 person inter-continental operation, and it works like a charm. It suits most of your needs (intuitive, web-based, mobile support, robust collaboration features), with two major exceptions:

*Gantt charts aren't native (although it appears that they can be integrated: see
*There is no time sheet tracking.
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