Help me replace a travel coffee mug!
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I'm coming up short looking through Google Images and on Amazon for a coffee mug to replace the special one I broke this morning.

It's bright orange ceramic with an orange silicone lid and sleeve. The interior is white, and there's no handle. It's a big, bright orange coffee cup with a bright orange lid, basically.

From what's printed on the bottom, I can tell it came from a now-defunct business called dcgift, and the web site address on the mug,, suggests I might be forever out of luck. Say it isn't so!
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Sounds like this might be it?

I think this is approximately the same product, just in a boringer color.

This one is cuter.
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Here are a couple of choices from Etsy that are in the same neighborhood: sunset and kraken.
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Response by poster: The broken mug meant a delay in getting my morning coffee, otherwise I would have noticed that the web site on the bottom is actually, which is still in business.

Thanks, all. These are good alternative suggestions if the original store doesn't have an orange one to sell me. If that doesn't work out, maybe I should just go ahead and splurge on an order of 2,000 from one of the wholesalers!
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Best answer: Those goddamn things! I have broken I think three of them -- maybe four? -- despite treating them like newly-hatched hummingbird chicks.

They look awfully good (and mine even had my favorite roaster's logo on the side) but they didn't keep the coffee very hot or even hold very much. When I went back to buy a replacement from the roster, my coffee guy just rolled his eyes and handed me two of them because they broke that often.

Now I have a steel Zojirushi that I can throw and flip like a circus performer, should the mood strike.
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Response by poster: Eureka! The mugs are discontinued, but I called the manufacturer and they happened to have some leftovers, so I ordered a replacement and a backup directly from the source. I still think the best solution is to use mugs that won't shatter into a bazillion pieces, so that's the best answer I marked.
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