No really, I need a microwaveable travel mug
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Yes, I know, another travel mug question. But I have different special requirements! And it HAS TO be microwaveable!

I have found a number of previous questions, but none of them quite fit what I'm looking for.

1. It absolutely must be microwaveable, because I make toddy coffee and heat it in the microwave
2. It has to be no more than 6 inches tall so it will fit in the microwave
3. It must fit in a normal car cupholder
4. It must not leak onto your face or hands when you drink from it
5. It should be easily cleaned without a dishwasher

1. It should be attractive, even "designy"
2. It is not made of plastic, if possible, or if it is plastic, it's plastic that doesn't taste bad

1. It doesn't have to be leakproof--I'm not going to be carrying it in a bag
2. It doesn't have to keep the coffee warm forever--I can reheat it, because it will be MICROWAVEABLE!
3. It doesn't have to be dishwasher-safe, because I don't have a dishwasher
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Best answer: Bam.
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I am not a paper cup is 6" high and microwave save.
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This almost works... the Copco travel mug. The specs say they're 7 inches, but mine fits in microwaves I've tried (I don't microwave it much though). Very easy to clean. I have a different lid on mine (it is shaped slightly differently and has a tab to close) that leaks sometimes but only when I close it when it's too hot. If i don't close it, it doesn't leak.
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Best answer: For different designs, there are a lot of similar things on Etsy.
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I just bought one - at TJ Maxx, of all places - that is almost like the "not a paper cup" above, but the silicone lid is black, and the mug itself comes in various fun designs (mine is black and white). Bonus, it was only $4.99. Trying to find a link to it and not succeeding so far. They had lots and lots of them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls though, if you have those stores in your area.
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I have a knock-off I am not a paper cup that I got from World Market, and it's great for this! I would definitely recommend getting one with a darker silicone lid, though (like black or brown), because my white one looks dirty from tea stains all the time.
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(If you'd rather order online, I just put in "travel mug silicone lid" on Amazon and there are a million results in a similar vein to the above.)
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12 oz. Microwavable Stoneware Travel Mug

Product Description
This is the original, and many say, the best design for people with cars who would not dream of drinking from cardboard, plastic or tin cups. Mug handle is easy to grab and hold for the purity of stoneware. It looks like a mug but with its polypropylene lid, it doubles as a travel mug! It''s a classic design, goes anywhere and the lid prevents splashes. * Capacity: 12 ounces * Stoneware inside and out * Polypropylene lid prevents splashes * Dimensions: 2 1/2 inches at the base, 3 1/2 inches at the top and 6 inches tall * Easy to grab handle * Microwave and dishwasher safe
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Best answer: If you prefer glass to plastic, there are some double-walled glass travel mugs available, like this one which is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. I'm not sure whether it is within your size limit; you might need to look around for a smaller model.
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Seconding the Copco mentioned. I love mine: they're microwaveable, plastic but don't taste like plastic. I've never had a leak issue with them. They're crazy cheap and easily available (even the craft store JoAnn's has them); you could probably swing by and double check the measurements without a lid.

(in fact, I'll check the measurements of mine when I get home. i have four...)
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I think you're looking for a KeepCup
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I really love love love (like, use it Every Single Day) my Tervis tumbler. It's plastic but does not retain smells. Also, it's got a lifetime guarantee. The lid fits tightly and the insulation keeps stuff warm. Love it. I'm forever buying them as gifts.
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The copco is 6.5" tall with the lid off.
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Response by poster: Thanks for checking, homodachi! Sadly, my microwave is very, very small.

i_am_a_fiesta, have you tried the KeepCup? I've heard they can be leaky...
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Cuppow with a holdster sleeve?
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Best answer: I own a KeepCup and I love it. It isn't water tight -- aka, you can't throw a full cup in your bag and expect your coffee to stay in the cup -- but it doesn't leak all over me while I'm drinking from it, which is an issue I've had with past travel mugs.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I'm going to try the Not a Paper Cup and I'll report back.

I'm curious about the Cuppow, but it's sooo expensive with shipping and they don't sell it in stores near me!

The Grosche Glassen also looks cool; has anyone tried that?
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Response by poster: Update--I bought a Glassen and a KeepCup.

The Glassen is basically like a Not A Paper Cup but double-walled glass instead of ceramic. It looks very stylish and keeps things warm pretty well. The first one I got had a tiny hole in the bottom which let water inbetween the glass walls--this was annoying but I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement right away, no charge!
On the downside, it's a bit bigger than I'd like--only fits in the microwave if I tilt the plate thingy down. It's also fairly fragile, a bit moreso than a drinking glass because the bottom is very thin. The lid is also kind of rubbery-smelling but not too bad.

The KeepCup is plastic, but not smelly, and has only mediocre keeping-warm ability. I got the 12-oz size, which I really like, and the cheerful "Fixie" color scheme (the least horrible of the many ugly options) is sometimes fun and sometimes makes me feel like a kindergartener.
Still, I use it much more than the Glassen. I also like the closable lid. I just wish they had better colors. On their website you can even design your own, but the colors they have just seem to clash no matter what combination you pick. Maybe the Australian sunlight is different. :-)

Advantage: KeepCup!
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