Recommendation for A Good Dock Program for Windows 7
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I'm very spoiled by the dock on my Mac, and am hoping for a program that provides the same functionality on my Windows 7 machine.

Most important criteria:

1) Won't weird out from my two monitor setup
2) I can drop files to the dock (which the taskbar in Windows 7 cannot do)
3) I can drop folders to the dock
4) I can drag files into the folders on the dock

I don't mind paying, as long as the developer is still around and updating.

Hopefully someone has suggestions? I've explored one or two but am overwhelmed by the choices.

Thanks much!
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Best answer: Check out RocketDock.
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You *can* drop files to the taskbar... but not in the tasks section, but the "pinned programs" section.
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Response by poster: Rocket Dock seems to fit the bill! Thanks pyro!

ObjectDock had some weird issues where I could not drop files into a docked folder. Not sure if it was a problem on my end or theirs, but they seem to have a lot of useful features as well, so thanks for the rec regardless, irisclara.

Kschang, thanks but I'm not quite sure what you're describing...I can't seem to move files into folders on the taskbar. But regardless, one of my problems is I can't even put a single file onto the dock as a shortcut without using a tedious workaround.
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